"Diesel will cost a fortune to go anywhere"

In one go it can cost you a lot to fill up your tank(s), because they can be up to 1000L tanks.

But in the long run, without too huge of a financial burden it will get you where you need to go without much of a headache. Even from the Southern end of Australia to the Northern end it will be under $1300 give or take.

Coach buses are built for long distances, if it cost a fortune then coach bus companies would not be a thing.

Check out the COMPARISON section for a calculation to ease your mind.

Compared to our 2010 Ford Transit Van which has an average fuel consumption of 12L/100km...

...which got us from Melbourne to the edge of Sydney (922km trip) on one 80L tank which costs us $100AUD.

An average coach bus has about 25-40L/100km fuel consumption....

Let's say if it's 33L/100km (typical), so that same trip is 33L x 9.22 = 304.26 litres for the trip / $1.61 cost per litre = $188.98 approx. from Melbourne to the Edge of Sydney in a bus.

With that same fuel consumption... 33L/100km...Melbourne to Darwin is 5673km...

33 x 56.73 = 1872.09 litres / $1.61 per litre = $1162.79 approx. for the whole trip around the Eastern Edge of Australia in a bus!

Think of how much you'll see, do and experience along the way!

[Also for example Melbourne to Perth (around the edge of the water, incl. seeing Margaret River is only 4060km = $832.17 approx]

"I'll lose the luxury of moden amenities"

You can fit absolutely everything you need in a properly converted coach bus.

We have the longest list of modern amenities, from massive surround sound systems, to dj equipment, to workout equipment, to a full size fridge to a slide out outdoor soaker tub.... and we've measured and planned it all out and it can fit! 

You just need to be creative and plan accordingly!

Compared to our 2010 Ford Transit Van which has an average fuel consumption of 12L/100km......which got us from Melbourne to the edge of Sydney (922km trip) on one 80L tank which costs us $100AUD.

An average coach bus has about 25-40L/100km fuel consumption.





"You'll have no where to park"

There are a ridiculous amount of paid AND UNPAID caravan parks in Australia.

They are also very easy to find and easy to book into nowadays due to technology.


For an easy and effective way to find paid sites sign up to Campermate. which has maps and a booking system all in one convenient place.

Even if you spent 1 month in a paid caravan park it would cost $20-30 per night...

$30 x 30 nights = $900

Which would be just under how much a fortnight of rent cost us in SUBURBAN Victoria.

"You're not the type to be a nomad"

EVERYONE has it in them to be a nomad.

Especially in a bus its basically a HUGE house still... just on wheels....duh.

It takes a few experiences but you just have to LET GO of a couple stubborn habits, relax a bit and enjoy the random experiences/feelings along the way.

If you're very afraid that they might be correct... or if you want to settle this question in your mind then TRY IT OUT FIRST before committing to building a bus/home on wheels...

Try hiring a caravan/campervan!

A good one to try is Camplify or if you want to go full hippie, give Wicked Campers a go!



"Tyres will cost a lot to replace"


1. We spoke with a man who was raised in a caravan living family, in a converted bus (and now sells buses), and his first note was that these tires on coach buses were designed to do hundreds of kilometers PER DAY. So with the amount of mileage an average bus lifer will actually do (even travelling around the country heaps) it is very unlikely you will have to change your tyres AT ALL (because of wear).

2. IF it happens to get a puncture....there are plenty of good used tyres around and they  are between $250 - $400. It depends on your rim size (usual is 295/80) and how much you want to spend on quality. (Poverty will still get you around for a while LOL BUT probably go higher grade if you can so it can withstand climate changes and road temperature changes better).

We both (Amanda & Dylan) ride sport motorbikes and a front tire for the front is $200-250 and the rear tire is between $300-400.

We have to change our tires at least once or twice a year. So that's about $500-1000 a year in tires for EACH of our bikes.

So in comparison the bus will cost us heaps less in tires.

It's still totally a cost to prepare for and keep savings for but it's not as daunting and scary as it first seems.


We would love to hear from you.


If you have anymore questions or concerns throughout your journey feel free to contact us!

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