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Inspirational Videos of Thoroughly Happy Aussie Bus Lifers

By Amanda - 2020-12-01

I really love the stories that these bus lifers have, these videos showcase 2 different perspectives on the lifestyle, a couple and a family! They are loving life on the road and it’s so nice to watch! Interview style Aussie bus life videos are actually quite rare to come by,…


What to look for in a bus. Bus Buying 101

By Amanda - 2020-11-18

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of buying a massive vehicle, this is where you need to start! A simple explanation of the bus components you need to look at.


Should you buy a Registered or Unregistered bus? What if you’re buying interstate?

By Amanda - 2020-10-25

There are many things to consider when you purchase a bus! Is it better to purchase a registered bus or an unregistered bus? What if I am buying the bus interstate? I’ve purchased a bus…now what? How do I get on the road legally for my scenario? General things to…

best Safety Razor different colors

Safety Razor – EASIEST eco-swap – how & why

By Amanda - 2020-10-06

Safety razors are the easiest eco-swap because…
How do you use a safety razor? What is it? All questions answered.

toxic things in your home

8 Toxic things surrounding you everyday

By Amanda - 2020-09-30

When you hear “toxic inputs” maybe you think cigarettes and alcohol right away. Maybe that didn’t even come up in your mind but we all know that those 2 are toxic and deteriorating to our bodies even if we ignore that fact and still consume them… Things like toxic chemical…

how to take cold showers

How To Take Cold Showers for Your Health! A guide for hot shower LOVERS

By Amanda - 2020-09-30

Quick and easy way to overcome the fear, cringe or that CBF feeling. Cold showers are worth it and can be a great part of your healthy life!