Inspirational Videos of Thoroughly Happy Aussie Bus Lifers

I really love the stories that these bus lifers have, these videos showcase 2 different perspectives on the lifestyle, a couple and a family! They are loving life on the road and it’s so nice to watch! Interview style Aussie bus life videos are actually quite rare to come by, so I was so happy to find these! A BIG thank you to Nomads Around Australia‘s YouTube channel!

This is the uplifting side of things. Bus life can be anything you make of it, but you have to go into it with the right mindset. The videos below showcase how finding happiness in the ups and the downs is key just like any other lifestyle.

I can spot a person who is miserable and lying about their happiness a mile away… and it ain’t these people LOL. Hope you all enjoy!

Reggie DaBus – [Grey Nomads]

I really enjoyed this video as it is a MCI bus just like our bus! This Grey Nomad couple is also adorable and so enthusiastic about their nomadic life!

They share how they make money on the road (so many possibilities!) and how much solar and energy storage they have on board, as well as give a quick tour of the inside of the bus.

Tripping Gypsies – [Family of 4]

An adorable family of 4 and a dog, living in a cute as heck bus. Their bedroom is all together! I love that they are thoroughly enjoying being together and being such a tightknit family. “All anyone wants is time together, they don’t want new Nike’s and Playstations” …well said.

They share how they make money on the road, their solar & battery amounts, that they grow a veggie patch when they stop for longer, and that they have rebuilt their own Detroit Diesel engine ON THEIR OWN, TWICE! Well done! No reason to be afraid of any of the challenges!

I hope to be able to showcase more Australian Bus Lifers in the same way very soon!

If you would like us to showcase YOU & YOUR BUS or YOUR BADASS MATES (maybe?!) LET US KNOW!

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Happy travelling everyone!

We are Amanda & Dylan!

We want to share with you our travel and bus-building experiences so that we can take the guesswork out of it all for you.

We've written very informally to keep it fun but we hope these tips and tricks help you along your journey :)


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