best Safety Razor different colors

Safety Razor – EASIEST eco-swap – how & why

Safety razor’s are the easiest eco-swap because it simply involves purchasing a safety razor instead of your usual razor the next time you need new blades or a new razor.

AND it makes a huge difference to reducing landfill waste, so easily.

AND safety razors are great looking and easy to use!

best Safety Razor different colors
Prickle Free Safety Razors

What are they?

They go back to the “classic” way of shaving with a single blade. Back when barber shops used straight razors to shave men’s beards and heads. They’re cool and quirky and make you feel badass when you use one.

They’re “safety” razors now because they have a guard around that single double-sided blade to make it easier to shave quicker and around more curves of your body easily without fear!

WHY are safety razors good for the planet?

Safety razors can be used for a lifetime and are %100 plastic free!

The only thing that needs replenishing is the blades. I personally only go through a couple blades a year, if that… (but I like to risk a dull blade *living on the edge* LOL) But they really do stay sharp and useful for a long time in my opinion because they are double-sided as well.

So if you use a lifetime lasting safety razor — you don’t contribute a razor or razor blade head to landfill each month or year or so. It may not sound like a huge deal but if EACH of us in Australia contributes one razor to landfill a year that’s 24.99 million razors a year. So… DON’T 🙂


…I’ll just note that, because many of us think they are.

Terracycle has tried to start a recycling program with Gilette but it’s a futile attempt in my opinion. It is too much hassle and postage is complicated. Anyone who is barely onboard with reducing waste will NEVER partake in that. Any small level of inconvenience never works for even avid recyclers in our high-convenience world. It’s painful but true.

WHY are safety razors good for YOU?

Overall they will cost you less money!

One safety razor upfront cost to purchase will be about $50 AUD and a stand about $10 AUD. But from there razors will be your only cost you about $7 AUD for a pack of 10 blades. (10 blades can last up to a year depending on frequency of use, I personally wouldn’t use 10 in a year).


Conventional razors upfront cost of about $10 – $20 AUD and blade head replacements are about $11 AUD for a 4 pack. BUT from my experience, every time I went back to buy new razor blade heads they had changed the handle shape and then you needed to buy a new handle and new heads… UGH. So I now avoid that nightmare! Yay!

HOW TO use a safety razor:

  1. Allow HOT WATER and steam of your shower to soften your hairs.
  2. Lather your legs/body parts with natural soaps, oils or shaving creams.
  3. F.Y.I: Safety razors are weighted perfectly so DON’T APPLY PRESSURE. The blades are much sharper than conventional razors BUT don’t be afraid they work in the same as a normal razor once you get used to the shape and feel.
  4. Hold the razor to your skin at a 30 degree angle…. (It’s the same angle as with a regular razor you just have to be more mindful of it when you are getting used to the safety razor). This angle will prevent irritations and cuts.
  5. GO SLOW… On your soaped up skin, GENTLY glide the razor (holding at 30 degree angle) along your skin against the grain (ie: upwards on legs).
  6. And voila! You have an easy and great shave!


From Prickle Free’s video library.

Recommended Safety Razor:

I personally use a safety razor from Prickle Free . (Not sponsored or affiliate, I just REALLY LOVE IT!) They are a local small Aussie business.

At Prickle Free they come in a great variety of colours and they are very durable and sleek.

Although, you can also purchase from any other local Australian eco-store such as Biome, Flora & Fauna, and The Well Store. (Some of my favourites… also not sponsored or affiliates).

HOW TO replace blades in a safety razor:

It depends on the razor BUT most of them are very similar. The Prickle Free ones and most from the aforementioned eco-stores work like this:

  1. Hold the short sides of the safety panels/blade that aren’t sharp.
  2. Unscrew the handle from the whole head of the razor, remove the bottom safety panel.
  3. Remove the old razor blade and put into a container for recycling lately (I use an old mint tin).
  4. While still holding the top safety panel in your hand.
  5. Place the new razor blade onto the top safety panel.
  6. Then place the bottom safety panel onto the razor blade.
  7. Twist the handle onto it securely.
  8. And you’re ready to start shaving!


From Prickle Free’s video library.

HOW TO easily store your safety razor:

I personally have a stand for my razor as pictured below. Safety razors are NOT meant to be kept in a wet place! (Surprising I know!)

In saying that, I keep my razor in it’s stand in my shower still, on a shelf that doesn’t get directly wet.

As a result, for EASE and SIMPLICITY, you can keep your razor in the shower but UNTWIST THE HEAD A LITTLE so the blade isn’t touching the safety panel sides and leave space between them so it can dry! Which is important!

That’s it!

It’s very simple to get, use and store a safety razor!

AND once you get a safety razor, over the years you will be NOT be contributing 30-40 razors or hundreds of razor heads to landfill!


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