how to take cold showers

How To Take Cold Showers for Your Health! A guide for hot shower LOVERS

First off, I’ll just say that my shower’s are just above lava temperature normally… and this is how I got myself used to cold showers in WINTER.

Yeah, it sounds psycho, but there’s so much research and so much evidence behind why cold showers in winter/colder months are GREAT FOR YOUR HEALTH.

I decided to write this quick “how to take cold showers” post because my friends kept asking for my fast-track secret. It’s no secret! It’s easy as heck, I promise!

For Your Health:

Here are some of the reasons why you should try it:

  • increased circulation
  • reduce muscle soreness after workouts (for example many athletes use ice baths to recover)
  • it helps increase your energy levels
  • improved quality of sleep
  • boost your concentration
  • improve your immune system (as wim hof demonstrates with his basically bulletproof immune system)
  • it may help lower levels of depression (I feel like this is helping with mine, but it likely varies person to person–it brings me into the present moment and breaks spiraling thoughts sometimes though)
  • may help boost weight loss (as brown fat cells burn to produce heat)
  • it gives your hair and skin a healthy glow

(I do it for some of these reasons but also because I feel like it gets me back in touch with my senses and it will be something I can use when swimming in nature, in cold pools and waterfalls! (SO exciting!))

It’s all basically a snowball effect (my favourite effect). You take a cold shower, your body works harder to warm up so everything engages! –> Your blood flows better, your muscles relax more. –> You get out of the shower feeling hyped, you feel more focused and ready for the day! –> Then you have a killer day and sleep better. –> Better sleep then leads to your next day being better….your body heals better while you sleep deeper… etc! You. Are. Unstoppable.

Another example of work smarter not harder basically LOL.

HOW TO take cold showers:

The way I do it is a combination of many people’s methods. It all leads back to the guy who jumps into ice though… so basically just be like his crazy wonderful self ahaha.

On a day when you don’t feel too cold, tired or cranky give it a go:

  1. Simply just sit on the edge of your bed before a shower and use the Huma Breath App to do the “Iceman Breathing”. (not affiliate, I just find it easy). (Through your nose, do the quick breathing 30x, make sure you inhale very deeply and exhale it all – in a way where your chest and belly go in and out dramatically – then hold your breath for as long as you can (about a minute), catch your breath, do it again (2x beginner’s, 3x intermediate)).
  2. When finished turn the shower on lukewarm and step in. (You won’t feel like it is as cold as usual because the Iceman Breathing basically gets your nervous system energized and totally ready for it.)
  3. Shower as normal and as you’re doing it adjust the knob a tiny bit colder at a time until the end of your shower!
  4. Finish your soaping etc then get out and have a marvelous day!

I started with ONE DAY A WEEK when I was finally really committed.

I’ve tried about 15 times before this to get into this habit and this is the simple-as -heck method that finally stuck!

I worked myself up to 2 days a week just by doing this on days I wasn’t cranky or already cold. Eventually you start to enjoy the benefits so much you find yourself doing it nearly everyday or everyday.

It really helps if you first regulate your sleep patterns and reduce your stress with a bit of mindfulness.

However, it’s easy enough to do as the first step to better sleep as well. Whichever is more appealing to you.

Why it’s important to take cold showers IN WINTER, not summer:

*Cringe* I know… but in summer, it’s basically cheating AND more importantly it doesn’t have the same effect BECAUSE:

When you are already warm/hot from the weather and you take a cold shower your body works hard to heat itself back up again! So when you get out, you are actually going to be hotter than before!!**

Anyways, I do it because…

It makes you feel like you’re more in control, more in the moment and gives you an energy boost!

So whatever your reasoning is, I challenge you… BE BRAVE, BE BADASS and GIVE IT A GO! 🙂

how to take cold showers for
I bet you’ll be teaching friends how to take cold showers for better cold nature swimming soon enough!





****IF you have any of the following, DON’T JUMP RIGHT IN cold showers before asking a professional if it’s safe for you:

  • high blood pressure
  • heart condition or heart disease
  • overheated or feverish (hyperthermia) from an illness or intense exercise
  • recently recovered from an illness, such as flu or cold
  • immune system disorder or have a compromised immune system from an illness
  • feeling overexhausted or stressed, as switching to cold showers can put extra stress on the body
  • If you have depression or a mental health condition, don’t replace your medication with cold water therapy.*** speak to someone about how you feel!! I am here also if you feel like emailing with a stranger! (Amanda –> <3

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