8 Toxic things surrounding you everyday

8 Toxic things surrounding you everyday

When you hear “toxic inputs” maybe you think cigarettes and alcohol right away. Maybe that didn’t even come up in your mind but we all know that those 2 are toxic and deteriorating to our bodies even if we ignore that fact and still consume them…

Things like toxic chemical cleaners & pesticides for our homes as well as additives and preservatives in processed food are also more well known toxic inputs.

The path to health is to reduce how much we drag down our system with harmful inputs and then support it with good inputs. The idea is not to obsess but to be aware and slowly try to phase out these toxins from your house and from your daily routines.

Daily routines and living/working in the same places cause constant contact with toxins and cause a compounding effect. Compounding of harmful substances eventually tears down your body in some way or another and there lays the problem.

So if that’s the case where are these non-typical inputs lurking?

So what are the non-typical toxic inputs?

Some people may already know some of these but it depends how far along your health journey you are and who you surround yourself with.

Let’s just start and we’ll see how many you already recognized:

Mold in your coffee beans.

Burnt food.

Chemicals in toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner.

Mold in your house.

Recirculated air in your house.

Dirty bed sheets & toxic laundry soaps.

Electro magnetic frequencies from your phone, wifi router, stereo, tv etc.

Carrying pathogens in on your shoes into your house.

Tea bag bleach.


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